Home Generator Installation

in Seymour, Pigeon Forge, Kodak, TN & Surrounding Areas

Power outages in Seymour, Pigeon Forge and Kodak, TN, are unpredictable and disruptive. They can leave your household without electricity for minutes, hours or even days. Investing in a whole-home generator is the easiest way to safeguard your house against long-lasting power outages that impact your family’s quality of life. LB Chase Mechanical is pleased to perform whole-home generator installations for our customers. With our assistance, you’ll keep the lights on when the neighborhood goes dark.

Generac and Briggs & Straton Home Generator Installations in Sevierville, TN

Generac and Briggs & Straton are names synonymous with dependable performance. That’s why LB Chase Mechanical only performs Generac and Briggs & Straton whole-home generator installations. Generac and Briggs & Straton have been trusted leaders in the home generator industry for decades. Their generators:

  • Provide power reliably: Generac and Briggs & Straton home generators start automatically within seconds of detecting a power outage, keeping appliances on without interruption.
  • Offer whole-home coverage: Unlike portable models, Generac and Briggs & Straton home generators can supply continuous electricity to every area of your house.

A Whole-Home Generator in Sevierville, TN, Can Be a Lifesaver

You might think you can get by without investing in a whole-home generator. After all, most power outages in Seymour, Pigeon Forge and Kodak, TN, last seconds or minutes. But if the time comes when a power outage lasts hours or even days, you’ll be glad you invested in a whole-home generator installation. Here are the advantages of doing so:

  • Keep your family safe: A Generac or Briggs & Straton home generator will power your air conditioner, medical devices and other essential equipment during an outage.
  • Prevent food spoilage: A fully stocked fridge and freezer of perishable food items can spoil quickly without power. A Generac or Briggs & Straton home generator prevents this.
  • Secure your home: If your home has a security system, a power outage can leave you vulnerable to intruders. A Generac or Briggs & Straton home generator will protect you.

Service All Brands of Home Generators

No matter what brand of home generator you power your home with, rest assured LB Chase Mechanical can maintain it to keep it running smoothly. We offer planned maintenance for all brands of home generators.

Trusted Home Generator Installation Company

At LB Chase Mechanical, we focus on providing long-term value to our customers. That’s why we’ve partnered with Generac and Briggs & Straton for our whole-home generator installations. If you’d like to invest in a home generator installation in Dandridge, Gatlinburg, Jefferson City, Knoxville, Kodak, Maryville, New Market, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville, Seymour or the nearby communities in Tennessee, contact us today. We provide free estimates on new home generator installations and promise to please you with our products.

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