Heat Pump Maintenance

Why Won’t My Heat Pump in Jefferson City, TN, Ever Shut Off?

March 4, 2024

Heat pumps should run in cycles while regulating your indoor temperatures. However, there are times when heat pumps can run constantly. Below, we’ll explain why your heat pump in Jefferson City, TN, never takes breaks.

It’s Too Cold or Hot Outside

Heat pumps warm your living space by absorbing heat from the surroundings and bringing it into your home. They cool your home by absorbing heat in your indoor air and transferring it to the outdoor environment.

Therefore, if it’s too cold outside, your heat pump will run for a longer period than usual, attempting to absorb enough heat to warm your house to your liking. Similarly, if the outdoor temperatures are too high during summer, the system will take longer to cool your home.

Refrigerant Leaks

A refrigerant is a component that moves heat between the indoor and outdoor units. When the levels of this fluid drop, your heat pump takes longer to cool or warm your house. Schedule repair services to fix the damaged sections of the refrigerant lines and recharge the system.

Clogged Air Filter

As your indoor air enters the heat pump, a filter fitted at the entry point catches the contaminants. Filtering the air prevents these impurities from contaminating your heat pump components. The filtration process also protects your family from irritations associated with poor indoor air quality, such as headaches, sneezing, throat irritations, runny nose and watery eyes.

When the filter traps multiple contaminants, they accumulate on it, creating airflow problems. Since the system doesn’t receive enough air, it runs for an extended period to draw more air.

Dirty Outdoor Unit

The outdoor part of your heat pump absorbs or releases heat, depending on the season. If the outdoor unit is dirty, it’ll struggle to absorb or release heat. This makes your system run constantly.

Don’t assume the problem making your heat pump run constantly will disappear with time. Call the heating and cooling experts at LB Chase Mechanical so we can inspect your system.

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