Why Won’t Your Furnace Ignite in Kodak, TN?

January 8, 2023

Gas furnaces have a pilot light that you need to ignite before you can enjoy the heat. The pilot light may fail to ignite the first time you use it this year or when you run it for a bit and shut it off. Check out some of the common possible reasons a furnace in Kodak, TN, won’t ignite.

Clogged Gas Line

The line that carries gas to your furnace can have clogs that keep gas from moving through it. Even a small clog will affect the furnace because it takes longer for enough gas to reach it. Don’t attempt to clear the line yourself because it’s a job that only a pro can handle.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

If you can’t ignite the pilot light and you notice a problem with another nearby appliance, check the circuit breaker. The breaker will trip when it’s overloaded to prevent damage, which turns off power to everything on that breaker. Until you flip the breaker back, you can’t use your furnace or light it.

Too Much Dust

Dust builds up on your furnace, especially during the off-season. If you’re lucky, you’ll notice a burning smell once you light it. Depending on how much buildup there is on the burners and around the pilot light, it may not light at all.

Broken Ignition System

The furnace has an ignition system that works with the pilot light to run the internal parts. When this system breaks, you might find that the light doesn’t come on at all or that it won’t stay lit. You’ll need a pro to fix or replace the ignition system.

Keep Your Pilot Light Going

During cold winters in Kodak, TN, you don’t want to deal with a pilot light that keeps going out or one that won’t light. Our service technicians know this is frustrating and can help. Contact LB Chase Mechanical today to repair your ignition or to upgrade to a new heating system.

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