AC System Blowing Warm Air

Why is My AC System in Seymour, TN, Blowing Warm Air?

April 27, 2022

You’ll need a high-quality air conditioning system to keep your house comfortable and cool when the summer heat hits. But what if your AC system stops cooling your Seymour, TN, house and blows warm air instead? Continue reading to find out what causes air conditioners to blast hot air and how to fix it.

Low Refrigerant

Among the most common causes of your air conditioner producing hot air is insufficient refrigerant. Unlike a vehicle’s coolant, you cannot fix this without the assistance of an HVAC specialist.

Leaky refrigerant or air ducts might be causing this problem. You need expert assistance with this issue because ducts are frequently hidden in the basement, attic or walls.

A professional will need to perform refrigerant charging to resolve this issue. When the refrigerant is leaking or low, your AC unit might suffer severe damage.

Dirty Filters

Blocked air filters can create various issues with your AC system. When the filter becomes dusty and filthy as a result, it obstructs the passage of cold and warm air inside the ductwork.

This causes the evaporator coils to freeze, resulting in your home’s air conditioner spewing hot air. This is why you should replace or clean your filters every three months at the very least.

Compressor Failure

The compressor is an essential component that makes your air conditioner operate. A faulty one might be causing your air conditioner to spew hot air.

A compressor can usually operate for several years, but it’ll begin to deteriorate with extensive use. With professional HVAC maintenance, you have the potential to increase your compressor’s lifespan.

Wrong Thermostat Setting

Sometimes, the issue is as simple as having your thermostat set incorrectly. If you’re noticing hot air, it’s possible that you mistakenly set your thermostat to “heat.” If this is the case, simply change it back to “cool” mode, and you’ll be OK.

Contact our team at LB Chase Mechanical for professional air conditioning installation and repairs in Seymour, TN. We also offer ductless AC, commercial HVAC, indoor air quality, maintenance and electrical services.

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