Heat Pump Repair

4 Signs Your Heat Pump is Beyond Repair

March 8, 2023

Your heat pump comes in handy for cold winter nights and hot summer afternoons in Kodak, TN. But it’s experiencing issues, you’ll need to decide between repairs or a replacement. Here are four of the most common signs your heat pump is beyond repair:

Cold and Hot Spots

An efficient heat pump will get your home to the temperature you set on the thermostat and keep the space at the same temperature throughout. Older heat pumps tend to lose efficiency, which can lead to some areas of your home feeling cooler or hotter than others.

High Energy Bills

Your heat pump’s efficiency also plays a role in the amount of power it uses, which you’ll see reflected in your power bills. Use your bill to track how often you use your heat pump and how much power it draws. If you see a sudden spike in your energy bills and you haven’t made any changes to your system, it may be time to replace it.

Frequent Heat Pump Repairs

It’s normal to have your heat pump repaired every once in a while, especially as you get further into the its lifespan. If you find yourself calling your local repair company more often than usual, it may be time to replace the pump instead. While heat pumps can be a larger upfront expense, you can often save money in the long run with a replacement instead of spending that money on repeated repairs.

Loud Noises

Heating systems and pumps make some noises, but you don’t want to hear any loud banging or squealing sounds. While banging sounds often relate to items stuck near the heat pump, squealing noises occur when there is a problem with the motor. You may also hear a grinding sound if the heat pump has dirty motor bearings.

Whether your heat pump is getting older or you’re starting to see signs of wear and tear, it can’t hurt to have a professional take a look. Reach out to LB Chase Mechanical to get a new HVAC system installed or have your existing one repaired or maintained.

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