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4 Reasons to Have a Backup Generator for Your Pigeon Forge, TN, Home

February 21, 2022

Are you prepared in case of an emergency? During a blackout, a backup generator powers your Pigeon Forge, TN, house, allowing you to stay comfortable and safe for days. Let’s look at some of the advantages of a generator installation.

Enjoy Electricity During an Outage

Nothing is more unpleasant than going without electricity in your house. If you don’t have heat, you might have to stay at your relative or friend’s place until the power company restores the electricity. Some residents even prefer to remain in hotels in areas of town where electricity is still available, rendering their houses vulnerable to opportunistic robbers.

Keep Your Security System Running

When the electricity goes out, your security system becomes ineffective. Window and door alarms stop working, and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors must depend on batteries. A backup generator provides sufficient power to keep the security system operational during a power outage, and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors no longer require batteries.

Preserve Food

If the electricity goes out for just under four hours, your food in your refrigerator should be fine. However, if it’s longer than that, foodstuffs such as eggs and meat spoil. A backup generator powers your refrigerator and keeps food from deteriorating. As a result, you save money.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

There won’t be sufficient heating during a winter power outage to warm up your home’s plumbing system. As a result, pipes might freeze and break, causing significant water damage and expensive repairs. Don’t let that happen on your watch. Invest in a quality backup generator.

If you would like to ensure that you’ll always have electricity, we recommend scheduling an appointment to have a backup generator installed by the skilled professionals at LB Chase Mechanical. Call us today for all your electrical, heating and air conditioning needs.

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