Thermostat Placement

The Importance of Thermostat Placement in Kodak, TN

May 20, 2022

The placement of the thermostat in your Kodak, TN, home is more important the most people may realize. Here are five places where you should avoid installing your thermostat.

Decentralized Area of Your Home

Firstly, if you place your thermostat far from the center, there’s a considerable likelihood that you’ll get false readings. The ideal area to get reliable readings is always in the middle of your home.

Drafty Places

You shouldn’t install your thermostat close to windows and doors leading outside. If chilled air were to slip in through tiny gaps, it might trick your thermostat into thinking it’s a lot cooler in your house.

Close to Air Vents

Don’t install your thermostat directly above your air vents. Chilled air from your cooling system can have a similar effect as cold winter air slipping inside your house. This may result in your thermostat thinking it’s cooler inside, which will create an uncomfortable environment.

Sunny Places

Places around your home that receive more sunshine than others will be warmer, making your thermostat think the same and making your cooling system operate longer than normal. This ultimately increases your utility costs and creates unnecessary wear and tear on your air conditioning system.

Near Warm Appliances

Finally, another thing that can make your cooling unit work more than it should is installing your thermostat in hot places of your house, like your kitchen. Being near your oven or dishwasher might cause the entire system to malfunction. Instead, place your thermostat in an area with no big appliances, such as the dining room. Just make sure the area where you install it centrally located in the house.

Thermostat placement is vital for efficient HVAC operation. Contact LB Chase Mechanical for your HVAC maintenance needs. Our professionals can help you properly place and install your thermostat. We also offer professional air conditioning, heating, ductless AC, indoor air quality, electrical and commercial HVAC services.

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