Heat Pump

Add Years to Your Heat Pump Lifespan in Sevierville, TN

October 22, 2023

HVAC systems don’t last forever, and a heat pump is no exception. However, there are habits you can adopt to extend your system’s lifespan. Let’s look at how to make your heat pump in Sevierville, TN, last longer.

Avoid DIY Repairs

When a heat pump breaks down, every homeowner will want the problem to go away in the shortest time possible. This may prompt you to try and repair the underlying issue by yourself or request your neighbor, who claims to know several things about heat pumps, to fix the problem.

Unfortunately, unprofessional repair services may cause more damage to your system, thus reducing its longevity. You can also sustain injuries while working on your system and void your warranty. Always engage professional repair services to avoid damaging your heat pump with DIY repairs.

Schedule Heat Pump Maintenance

Unfortunately, most people buy a heat pump and forget about it. They only attend to it when it breaks down. However, heat pumps require regular maintenance to remain in good working condition.

A maintenance service involves cleaning all components, lubricating moving parts, checking the electrical connections, replacing faulty components and inspecting the thermostat. These procedures enable the system to heat and cool your home efficiently.

Replace Your Air Filter

An air filter allows you to breathe clean indoor air and keeps the heat pump’s components clean by catching pollutants in your indoor air. Over time, these pollutants accumulate on the components, blocking the airflow into your system.

This forces your system to run continuously instead of running in cycles. Running constantly accelerates the wear and tear of your heat pump’s internal workings, thus reducing their lifespan.

Inspect your air filter regularly and replace it if it’s dirty. Always pick a filter with a higher MERV rating while shopping for a new one. A higher rating translates to more efficiency.

Taking good care of your HVAC system enables it to keep your family comfortable at all times. Call LB Chase Mechanical for professional heat pump services. Our service technicians will tune up your system to improve its efficiency.

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